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End of 2015Horse Show Season 

Grace and Lilly ended their show season at the GAIG USDF Region 1 Dressage Championships. Competing in a class of 21 and under riders, my fourteen year old daughter placed 7th on her homebred and trained Appaloosa/Tbred cross.  She kept her composure and guided her little mare through a solid Second Level Test 3. When we saw her placing posted on the results board, Grace's first reaction was fierce disappointment. She knew her test had mistakes, but was still hoping for a better ribbon. Me, I was over the moon. All the horses that pinned above her were clearly professionally trained to higher levels, with older riders that looked more seasoned. My little girl and her crazy little mare held their own, putting in a respectable performance and earning positive comments from the judges. On the way home we were so stoked, we started planning her campaign for next year. She has her eye on making the NAJYRC team. Now where did she get that idea?

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