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A Fresh Set of Eyes

Have you viewed a word puzzle where they scramble the letters and ask you to read it? And you can, because your mind just needs to see the letters to decode the sentence. Sadly, this brilliant ability allows the book editing team to miss the easier typos and edits in a books content.

I will use my eagle eyes to find those silly little typos and edits that the amazing brains on your team will have autocorrected as they concerned themselves with polishing your juicy, mesmerizing content. 


I have been indexing nonfiction books for over twenty years. While the search function in digital content has rendered this service as redundant, for physical books it is a vital tool that makes your book user friendly. I will distill the pertinent ideas into searchable terms that will be relevant to your reader. I will deliver the pages to you in a form ready to be copied into your manuscript and formatted to match your book style.

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