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NJ 4-H Dressage Champion

Grace and Lilly qualified for 4-H States in Dressage Test of Choice, which meant Second Level and above. When Lilly stays overnight at shows, she comes out of the stall tense and charged up. Grace usually starts her warm up with a bracing gallop and works her down to her controlled, collected movements. This championship was no different, but their vigorous warm up caused Grace's thick, long hair to completely obliterate the wimpy hair net we had to use since her No Knot Hairnet was left at home. With no time to run all the way back to the barn for a replacement, Grace just leaned down and I braided it, securing the end with the hair tie from my own pony tail. It didn't come out well, but we were out of time, so they headed into the ring with hair flopping. We prayed that the judge would be so mesmerized by Lilly's fancy moves that she would be able to ignore the sloppy 'do. Alas, the judge was agreeable scoring the pair high enough to take home the Grand Champion ribbon, but that's where our luck ran out, or perhaps began. Grace was featured in the news clip on ABC on national television. Check out the clip. See her hair wasn't that noticeable, right? congratulations Grace and Lilly!

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