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Compliments from Paige

Readers; Thank you for your emails. I have read every one and plan on responding to each. I'm slow, sorry. I'm also amazed. Such thoughtful and inspiring people you are. I would like to share your comments and thoughts as much as possible.

Here is a lovely email from a lovely person. Check out her website, it is beautiful.

"Finally! Someone that really knows about horses!! I LOVED your book, And We Danced. I am a western/rodeo rider, but I loved the way you brought the two together (English and western) in that book. I have just started the second book in that series, Join The Dance. I have ridden most all my life, and now run a non profit therapeutic riding center in the middle GA area. Please visit my website. Read my blog, testimonials, and view the photo gallery. Thanks so much!!! Paige Brooks"

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