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Resolutions 2016

I designed this website in August, 2015. Then I was hired for a full-time position; brought home a new horse, Secret; took Grace and Lilly to two Regional Championships; and leaped full swing right into the holiday season. Needless to say, I had not stopped to sit down and learn how to post to my new blog. I apologize for being out of touch for months although my fall season was an exciting and successful one.

My resolution for 2016 is to post much more often to this blog. I have just figured out how to get the messages that have already been sent to me. Okay, so I'm technically challenged, but now that I have mastered it (and realize how easy it is), I will be much quicker to respond to your messages. But I will warn you again, I will publish them. I love reading your horse stories and am so impressed with the love and respect you show for your horses.

I have begun work on another novel. Many have encouraged me to continue Jane's story, and in a nutshell, I have never been to the Olympics and need to do some research. So I have come up with a new and, I think, fun idea involving Shawn. Are you interested in getting involved? You can read the blurb, see the new cover idea and vote for it if you like it. Your votes win me publishing services which will help me produce a finished product much faster. So help me out, vote for "It's News To Me". You have to provide your email, but they promise to only send you mail related to my book so no spam.

Here is a picture of Secret when I met him in June, 2015. Soon I will post a picture of him now. He is an OTTB and such a character. We have aspirations of doing upper level dressage. I am looking forward to the journey.

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